Frankston bowl

4 Mar




Frankston bowl is probably the biggest in Melbourne. According to the council its 97m long and 35m wide. There is a small bowl and a much bigger kidney bowl next to it. Frankston bowl, as you can see has recently been painted. The coping would appear to be in need of  a bit of repair, or maybe I just need to throw more into it to grind faster. Might have to put some thrash on next time to make it more fun.

Either way there would appear to be a comp coming up soon, early April I believe. Hoping that between now and then I will be able to tune my legs and clear my head of the fear or the fog that allows me to believe that i can’t lay down big tricks in the big bowl. Pad up, get down and feel the way the wheels slide, move to the screaming pitch of it and play loud music when i skate, probably metal but at least something that puts some extra fire in the belly.


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