Hotbowl park, Sapporo

4 Mar

Most people that choose to visit Hokkaido probably bypass Sapporo and go to Niseko for snowboarding. There is no good reason for this and I regret that is exactly what I chose to do.

That’s okay if you only have a week in Japan and you are there to ski or board on very high quality snow, where over 11 metres of snow falls each season.

But I just found a new indoor skate bowl that should persuade some of you to change your mind.

Hotbowl is the first indoor skate bowl to be built in Sapporo. Heights range from 1.5 to 2.3m and it is 12m by 10m, an authentic skate bowl.
In addition to this there is a 1.1m mini ramp. You can enjoy shredding the bowl and then going to the second level to chill out in our lounge.

Bowl skating has its origins in California,back in the 1970s when surfers would look for empty pools and began riding their skateboards in them.

There are now a large number of facilities around the country that cater to this need.

Although skating bowls Image

 is a traditional style of skating it has been injected with a sense of freshness and is growing in popularity. It goes without saying that skateboarding is perfect training for surfing and snowboarding.


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