MIASMA skateboards

4 Mar




Wikipedia says Miasma is

In Greek mythology, a miasma is “a contagious power … that has an independent life of its own. Until purged by the sacrificial death of the wrongdoer, society would be chronically infected by catastrophe.”

Whatever. Sounds like a bunch of ratbags who set out to cause a ruckus in the quiet city of churches….does anyone still call Adelaide that? Well never mind that, what I can tell you is you are likely to hear more about it. Evil Dan and his jolly band of murderous misfits are turning the knobs tweaking airs and will soon be blowing the speakers on this one. Is ‘blowing the bottom out of the bowl’ better than ‘smashin the crusty lip’  or do they both sound equally distasteful?

This new company out of  Adelaide has a great range or designs ready to drop, clearly has an awesome team if u check the links like the one above.  Their team skate street, mini ramps, bowls, vert, whatever and do seem to be quite good at those video things and comps too. What did u expect anyway?

Miasma team skater Beau Hinge wins SBA qualifier at Osborne Park.


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