New ‘crete

7 Mar

Its pretty good how when a new skatepark opens and blows you away with the newness of its slick looking surface and the challenging terrain that might just extend you  but its not ridiculously big or otherwise monotonously flat. Skate parks that are built on  a single flat slab tend to be tiring quite quickly, I can honestly say this is most often the case even when there are some notable differences. The truth is, its never gonna be right for everyone.

Happily enough, our new park is pretty right for most of us. There is plenty of tranny, sure. There lots of pool coping. In fact the whole of the main bowl is decked out in super smooth and hard granite pool coping that is much more consistent than some of the pool coping I have ridden before. This is the top grade shit. Think about it, pool coping is designed for pools with water in them. Its gotta be pretty hard when you are gonna have high impact from truck bash and more likely than not damage from bike pegs and pedals etc.

Anyway its got a great finish and doesn’t lip over very much. Actually hard to get used to cos it doesn’t really lock in on the top, a very different feel than say, Frankston or Bondi and most other parks around with pool coping. Very dependable just hope it can handle the onslaught, cos bikes will come. Plenty of them. Just hope most of them choose no pegs. 

Our new park is on the water, that’s pretty rare for Melbourne. Actually I can’t think of any parks that are right in front of the beach unless u wanna call in the parks along the Ocean Road like Lorne and Apollo Bay. I would challenge anyone to argue that it isn’t in a prime location. Just far enough from the beach and with a long lawn behind it, a pretty attractive area all round actually. Some free barbeques, a good spot to run your dogs and a dog friendly slightly quieter beach next door. Its only a few hundred metres from the shops and from the service station and it isn’t actually even crowded yet.  I hope they postpone the opening. I like the fences being up and keeping little ratbags and their parents out.


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