Pools are all I need right now. Holenite!

7 Mar


Pools are rough and the tranny is steep,

Uneven ground, cracks in the walls and chips in the coping

Sometimes there isn’t any there, just bricks that are exposed

They remain a secret for as long as people respect the need for sec recy

Some have them in their very own backyards and fuck no they will not be skated

Could be at an abandoned house and in some cases completely refurbished

How nice it would be to just get out there and find one, maybe take the owner some beer

Wouldn’t it be nice to just skate it without worrying about filmers and whether or not

This trick or that had already gone down there or how long it would last

A fifty fifty or a boardslide fakie feels amazing in any pool

But way gnarlier tricks also went down in this particular pool, etched into our memories

Had to hit it as much as we could

Before the bulldozer pushed the house rubble into it

Or the owners come home unexpected….



Known also as the mad pig bowl or the bowl the hills

This is a park of legendary status near Aix en Provence, an hour maybe from Marseille

Worth making the drive and I was lucky enough to be taken there by the locals

One time when i went over to skate the park du prado

Hitting that thing with the likes of Mehdi Salah and Matthieu from the XOXO shop

Was one of my best memories of that trip

Matt invited me so we piled in and skated another bowl on the way

A nice white keyhole not far from the beach up the hill

The boys laid down some sick lines

While i just dusted some of the concrete off the lip

But what could have prepared me for Holenite

Not sure whether its somewhere they only skate at night

But i can assure you on a hot summer day

You would cook in there

Just like the snakes that ruined another session Matthieu went to

The bowl was built in the early eighties i believe

13 foot with 4 foot of vert and a steep roll in

No flat bottom and no coping

That had been chipped away years ago

And it takes no prisoners

Here take a look



By the way the photo below is of  a wooden indoor bowl.

Perhaps even rarer than a good pool.

Ring of fire, Melbourne 2011



2 Responses to “Pools are all I need right now. Holenite!”

  1. Brenn Hannon March 9, 2013 at 12:29 am #

    Is that Al Partanen? (top photo)

  2. sammyh621 March 9, 2013 at 12:47 am #

    No but my current setup and my next setup will be an Al Partenen. I will take that as a compliment though, thanks mate. Hope to see you back here again soon Brenn! Shred it up in the Colorado snow mate!!

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