Feeling groovy: A spirtual skateboarding blog

8 Mar

Dovid knows what’s up. He skates and every time I see him he’s giving it more, knee brace or not. Here he gives us thoughts on street skating, which he does surprisingly well…


Feeling groovy: A spirtual skateboarding blog

My friend Dovid skates street and park, can often be found at Prahran and more recently St Kilda Skatepark. Dovid is Kaballah scholar and Rabbi, whose introduction to skateboarding was apparently quite recent. What is unique about his approach is how he can translate an everyday activity like skateboarding and use basic principles relating to the physics of skateboarding to bring meaning and life to ancient Hebrew texts. That’s right, making people understand that there can be a higher level of interaction achieved with your self, your environment and your peers whenever you put urethane wheels down on the pavement and roll around the city. He explains it very well and provides us lay people, with an opportunity to engage in this spiritual world view by bringing it home with simple life lessons.

It is inspiring and somewhat weird when you first see someone dressed in the traditional garb of a jewish scholar, simple black pants and a white shirt with strings hanging down near his knees. Unfortunately Dovid is injured with a rather wonky knee but it hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm, both for learning and also for sharing wisdom on the streets and at the park with other skaters.

Prahran is pretty much the epitome of what a skatepark design should consist of. A competition vert ramp, mini ramp with escalator and spacious street bowl with ledges and rails of varying heights. Several other obstacles complete the design and it would be hard to find a park that incorporates all these elements. Frankston and Knox would be the closest alternatives.

This particular link is to a blog that Dovid has written about a good friend of ours whose outlook on life and approach to skateboarding is refreshing and free flowing. Take a look.


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