Interview with Kevin Kowalski ケビン・コワルスキとのインタービュー

9 Mar


The following is a translation of an interview my friend Pete did with Lifeblood skateboarder Kevin Kowalski at Bondi Bowlarama last month. Kevin won best trick at Wellington, pictured below. More to follow. Japanese and English transcripts below. More languages to follow…. watch this space.

Cheers to Brent Shipley for the photo from Wellington Bowlarama. (NZ)Image

Transcript of Interview with Kevin Kowalski

Where were you born?
Corvallis, Oregon

Where do you live now?
I live in Seal Rock Oregon now.

When you were a kid, what made you decide to start skating?
When I was a kid, seeing other people skate and ah, just going to the skate park
made me wanna skate because it looked like a lot of fun.

Who were your favorite skateboarders growing up? Who are they now?
Some of my favorite skateboarders growing up would have to be, some of the local
guys from Oregon like Mark “red” Scott who started building all the skate parks
where I live, um, you know, obviously like Tony Hawk and like Bob Burnquist and
Danny Way and guys like that too, but I don’t know, I had a lot of people I
looked up to just watching skate video’s.

Who are your favorite Aussie skateboarders and why?
Some of my favorite Aussie skateboarder’s?, I don’t know, probably Jack Fardell,
ahh, Renton Miller, probably Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, ah you know all those

What is your favorite spot in Australia to go skateboarding and why?
I’d have to say my favorite spot in Australia would probably be ah, Bondi or Five
Dock, cause they’re the only places I’ve really skated here. I really wanna go to
Melbourne or Brisbane or Gold Coast, skate Pizzey I hear Pizzey’s sick.

What is your favorite or signature trick?
What are my favorite tricks? I don’t know that’ll Probably be front side grind,
you cant beat that. Front side grind’s are the best.

What trick do you have trouble mastering and how did you overcome it?
The trick that I’ve been working on but could never land cause Im just chicken,
probably be the Mc Twist. All these guys at this contest do Mc Twists and Ive
never done one, I wanna do one, one day, but it’s a hard one.

If you couldn’t skate, what would you do?
If I couldn’t skate what would I do? I don’t know, I’d probably lose my mind.

kevinhurricane kowalskiblunt

What advice do you give to young people who wish to follow their dream and become
a pro skater?
To the kids about skating, or wanna skate or do what I do or anything like that,
the best advice I can give them is just to have fun and don’t take it seriously
the more fun you have the more fun it’ll be so, skate and have fun and that’s it.














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