Saint Kilda Skatepark opening soon. セントキルダスケートパーク、もうすぐオープン

12 Mar


St Kilda skatepark is finally opening to the public on March 23rd, next Saturday. After 20 years of waiting, the skaters and locals who have been pushing for a park in St Kilda will be rewarded. People have already been skating there for at least six weeks already, and with pics and videos appearing on popular websites, the secret is out. You do still have to go thru the fence, although most days it is open at both ends of the park.

St Kilda is the closest real beachside resort town to Melbourne. Probably the only one actually. Why hasn’t there been a skatepark built here previously? Ask some of the stubborn residents about that. Before the park opens officially, you can expect a pretty casual roll in the afternoon. Get down there early before the hordes arrive.  So long as there aren’t any problems with police and security it should be fine. Today was boiling hot, the park did fill up however, but strangely enough most of them today were Italians. Felt a little  like visiting a foreign country.











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