Sky Siljeg interview

17 Mar


Well Bowlarama is over, what went down?

This contest has gotten nothing but gnarlier every year. I was stoked to see a lot of first timers to the Bowlarama series like Brad McClain, Ben Hatchell,…… it was Cabs first year to Wellington and he absolutely killed it.



skyrocket skyindy skyplant

What do you think about what you have achieved so far this year?

Bowl-A-Rama is the start of the season, and it was a great kick off. It’s a little rough shaking of the Pacific North West winter. I come in a little bit out of practice in comparison to everyone living in warm and dry places. it’s always nice to take a break from the freezing and enjoy a bit of summer skating! For that I am grateful and feel as though I did well. It isn’t rare for me to look back at a contest with a handful of tricks in mind that I had forgotten to do, but I feel as though I did a lot of tricks I wasn’t planning on doing in the first place. That’s one of my favorite things about skating a bowl; you don’t have to drop in with your whole run mapped out. You just get pointed at a wall and do something on it.

ボウララマはシーズンの初めなんで、とてもよかった。太平洋側の北西の冬から来て、ちょっとつらいね。あった高い、ドライなところから来た人に比べて、練習不足だったけど、冬から逃げて夏のスケーティングを楽しんでは、いいなあと思う。 それはありがたく思って、うまくいったと思うし。やろうと思ってたトリック、わすれちゃったなあ、という風に振り返ることはよくあるが、やろうと思わなかったトリックも結局、たくさんしたし。ボウルスケーティングで大好きなのは、ドロップインしたとき、そのすべてを考えてからやるんじゃなくて、壁に向かって何かをやるしかない。

How would you describe Australia to your friends back home?

I’ve been coming to the Bowl-A-Rama for the past 6 years and I’ve found a lot of things I love about Australia. First of which is the local skate scene. It’s rad meeting all these OG  shredders and hearing the stories they tell of a history of their parallel skate universe. The scenery is also a plus, especially right on Bondi Beach. Those cliffs that are on both sides of the beach are sick. There’s tons of exotic looking birds flying around, and the spiders are huge.



What was the most memorable thing about New Zealand besides the skating?

A bunch of us were stayin at the Base Hostel in Wellington and all week we had been eyeing the rental mountain bikes in the lobby as we walked passed them out the door. There was 5 of them so Nolan Munroe, Brad McClain, Ben Hatchell, Kevin Kowalski, and myself took ’em out for a ride to the top of Mt.Victoria to get our tourist fix and check out where Lord of the Rings was filmed. The thing is, Nolan and I were the only ones who had mountain biked before, while no one else had even seen what it’s really about. They were all trippin’ out about how “gnarly” these mellow little trails were. It was funny watching them go from making fun of the hotel rental helmets to being relieved they still had them with.




Have you learned any new tricks on the tour?

I know I learned frontside fastplants. Sometimes I learn new tricks and sometimes I learn new old tricks.



Who did u get along with the most?

We’re all homies. It was sick having everyone staying at Beach Road in Bondi and at the Base in Wellington. It’s like being part of a skate commune for two weeks. Everyone’s just having a good time hanging out with each other and pushing each other at the bowl.




How have the fans treated you over here?

It’s insane how many people show up to watch the Bowl-A-Rama. It seems like everyone in town is there or wishing they were. I have some friends in Bondi I met my first trip there, and the second year they threw me an after party at their house because I was still underage to go to the bar the official one was at. Everyone I’ve encountered there is super friendly and makes you feel like family.



Do you find yourself being recognised on the street?

It’s crazy how everyone that’s there for the contest just takes over the city. You can’t go anywhere without running into people you know, or other pros chillin’ at cafes eating breakfast. That being said, I’m not too sure if people recognize me on the street but I’m always really stoked on how many people I recognize on the street.



What is your favourite park over here so far?

I really like the Wellington bowl. It’s tight and fast, there’s a ton of lines, the hips are really fun, and the coping grinds really good.




I noticed a few of you riding for Lib tech, Who are your other sponsors?

Yeah, Rion Linderman is also riding for Lib. I’ve known him for a super long time and stoked to have him as a team mate.

I Skate for Lib, Vans, Bones, Tracker Trucks, Zico , Snowboard-Connection, S-One, 187




What’s been your worst injury in the past few years?
I’ve broken my wrists a couple times… I don’t recommend it.



What advice do you have for young skaters wanting to improve?

Go fast and have fun! Skate lots of different stuff and don’t limit yourself by having too specific a definition of what type of skater you are.




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