Opening of St Kilda Skate park セントキルダスケートパークの開設

21 Mar

St Kilda’s Opening Weekend.


Jordi, Smith grind


Vaughan, kickflip





Jordi, ollie to crailslide


Sean Ritchie, Feeble grind





A pretty large crowd assembled at the St Kilda Skatepark on Saturday, after the fences came down and the ceremonial ribbon was cut on Friday morning.

It was fun to hit it in the late afternoon, as has been the custom until now, seeing as the park hasn’t been skateable during the daytime most days while council workers and contractors finished off the landscaping to hand over the site.

I arrived on the Saturday in the late afternoon and evidently just missed seeing Jesse ‘Red’ Noonan grinding halfway around the bowl into an uncomfortable slam and a bit of a sit down.

Keegan Palmer had the crowd psyched on his super fast lines and gnarly mc twist, something you don’t see in bowls very often. Just turned ten, he is apparently the under 18 bowl champion and will get better and better. Nice to have someone young and fearless to show you the lines.

Renton Millar has had alot to do with getting the park built and his father Keith has also been instrumental in garnering support from the locals and standing up to the vocal objectors at council meetings over the past few years.

Brent and Mouse, two locals you will see down at the park pretty often have also been very active in helping to get it over the line.

After more than a decade of lobbying, St Kilda has a skate park and it is being ranked among the world’s best.


The facility, which will be officially opened on March 22, is part of the $4-million transformation of Marina Reserve into a family park.


Los Angeles-based professional skater Eric Koston last week took to the skate park for a preview session and gave it a rave review.
“The skate park is pretty up there with the best in the world,” Koston said. “It’s amazing, it flows really well and as long as you can stay on your board you could skate here forever.”


コストンが言うと『このパークは本当に世界最高のパークのひとつ』 素晴らしいです。フローがよくて、ボードから落ちなければ、ずっと滑り続けられる。
Professional skater and St Kilda local Renton Millar, who was part of the group that spearheaded the campaign for the park, said it was a great feeling to see the park completed.
“The skate park is amazing. I really like the design, it’s in an amazing location,” Millar said.

rentonrock raffrock
“I watched the builders pour the concrete; they really went out of their way to make the finish on another level. At the moment I’d say it’s my favourite skate park to skate.”


He said the skating community was determined to see the new infrastructure remain in prime condition.

“I have seen facilities like Frankston skate park go from being world class to not-looked-after rough pieces of concrete in five years, and we really want to make sure that our new skate park gets the love it needs to stay as amazing as it is for years to come,” Millar said.

He said the stand-out feature of the skate park was the granite coping, which sits on the lip of the large bowl.

“It’s really innovative, it grinds better than anything I have ever skated and I think it’s only been used once before, in a skate park in China,” he said.

Port Phillip deputy mayor Serge Thomann said he was thrilled the park had finally come to fruition.


“I am proud to see this family park become a reality after many years of hard work from both the council and the local community,” Cr Thomann said.


“I’m also excited about the excellent new facilities that Marina Reserve will provide for current and future residents and visitors.


Cr Thomann said the project has turned an underused space into a multipurpose space that could cater for everyone.



2 Responses to “Opening of St Kilda Skate park セントキルダスケートパークの開設”

  1. Tom Liggins March 22, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    who is that doing a hurricane?

  2. SAMMY HEWSON April 12, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    Vaughan Marks is doing the hurricane, also the massive kickflip too. F#k’n rips ay!

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