David Quirk. Shaking hands with Danger!!

2 Apr

Dave Quirk is good mate with a really awesome talent for taking people in with his stories and then jamming in an unexpected and pretty distasteful twist to make an audience squirm and cry with laughter at the same time. Of course that’s the idea with the darker side of comedy. Personalising the stories, so you really wonder how much of it happened to him and how much was inspired by late night bar conversations. A good measure of it obviously comes from a blackened place deep within.

Dave is on his way to Edinburgh and has been doing shows all over the place, having recently completed a stint at the Melbourne international comedy festival and then taken the show on the road. He has an online fundraiser going and if u donate, you may end up with a CD of his and the chance to get him to do something for you. The mind boggles….

Take a look at the internet and you will find a sample of his performances on youtube etc. There are a few links below. IF you know Dave or just like what you see, donate here.

Hear the no bullshit pledge that was obviously a bit uncomfortable for Dave to do but which is also apparently just one of the ways that Dave uses to get to know you better….


Got a catchup  with a mate or an awkward third date on the horizon?

Testing the waters with a viewing of the inner workings of Dave’s torturous mind may be just the thing. Dave turns awkward moments into comic genius. Recently Dave was part of Sam Simmons’ ABCTV show Problems. A toystore owner who has a strange and hilarious connection with Simmons, one of his customers. He has been on the comedy circuit for a while now and had a successful tour for the Edinburgh Festival.

I look forward to seeing his latest show at the Melbourne International Comedy festival and having seen several of his other shows can strongly recommend it to you.

First met Dave when he was moving out of a house I was moving into with some other skaters. He’s great to have around and will really make you laugh. But his humour is pretty unique and confronting too. Go on have a look.


David Quirk, live at the Festival club 2011



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