James Wright Day in the life

2 Apr


Day in the LIFE Filmed by Leigh Bolton.

From http://skateboarding.com.au

Lincoln Square line and trick, first line James filmed after car accident. Switch blunt first try first attempt.

Filmed by Shane Fowler





James Wright is a boss.  Been ruling it here in Melbourne, and back home in NZ for years.Nearly died when hit by a car on the way home one night, shot the photo above in Christchurch CBD first skate back after recovering from being in a coma.

Had a fair time off board with a recurring knee injury and was localizing places like the legendary Blue Tile Lounge and 99 Problems,  but has been blazing since he got back on board again.

Spending time in equal measure at the Peel st squat, skating the streets of Melbourne or most likely otherwise at the Fitzy bowl, this new video edit shows it all. May contain traces of  Morph and Prawny and definitely large dollops of the squat. (Both meanings) Raw skating and funny as hell.  Take a look.

Jimmy skates for Palace skateboards and Adidas shoes and Lolife skate shop. Recently filmed for an Adidas video in Adelaide. Hope the ankle’s getting better mate.


Photo shot by Morph during filming for Day in the Life.


Adidas Skate and Create video shot by James James on a friend’s crappy board while pissed.


James in Dunedin, Daggerland. Skating the Bloodbucket Do or Die Frontside Pivot Ollie out to Fakie.

Shot by David Read 2008

New article just published by Manual magazine, go read it!!



Pop shuvit shot in the Four Avenues of Christchurch way back when… David Read photo


Nose slide pop over shot by Willy using the lights from his car in Queenstown NZ

Shot by Willy Van Der Vleit


This Switch frontside flip is from a good as check-out in Manual Magazine, Jimmy aged 16 shot at Rugby stadium Christchurch NZ. David Read Photo


A little vintage number Manual Magazine Calendar May 2003. David Read photo




James’ ad from Muckmouth magazine back in the day. Dunga hats, wahoo! Shot by Leighton Dyer

Muckmouth website below:



Millinary man creates Dunga hat 2012


This is the Dungamouse video. Appearance by Ben Morrice

This clip was filmed when James won NZ Nationals and best trick that year 2004

Skating to Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’  Filmed by Jason Morrice


Backside heel in issue 43 Manual Magazine cover shot by Jake Mein

Also check out a few of his other parts it will be worth your time to do so.

ABC freedom movement video (part 2 of 3)

Here’s Baby James!

ADIDAS City of light tour:

50_James Wright -Nollie FS Heel - Moey

James Wright frontside nollie heel just before nearly getting arrested for Tresspassing in Perth 2010

Shot on Adidas Perth tour by Jason Moey


Adidas Adelaide tour blog 2013



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