Interview with Pedro Barros, 4th time winner of Bondi Bowlarama.

10 Apr
Head-high kickflip    Brent Shipley photo
Massive 540   Tommy Trinh photo

An edited version of this interview and one with Lizzie Armanto appears in this month’s Transworld SKATEboarding Japan.  Photos by Brent Shipley and Tommy Trinh.

Here is a link to my Japanese  blog:

Interview with Pedro Barros:
First of all congratulations on winning again. Surely no one  has been as successful in World Cup bowl skating in recent years.

I was stoked to see so many younger guys out here, I know you just turned 18 (March 16th) but Alex Sorgente and Felipe Foguinho, Steven Pineiro and Curren Caples etc. coming out. It really was time to show ‘em what the younger generation have got.

Well Bowlarama is over, you won that and the New York one, what went down?

Bowl is the place I feel confortable to skate any time. I do that all my life. I almost born in a bowl, hahahaahah! I just feel as Im home skating some good session and that make me skate my best!

What do you think about the results you have achieved this time?
I dont stop to think about it! I dont care! I just like to go, see my friends, travel with my father and my friends and thats it. The results its just a bonus! Give me extra money so I can bring my friends to trips!

How would you describe Australia and New Zealand to your friends back home?
So fucking gnarly! Not just the country, but Bowl A Rama is really well organize. They make the skaters interact and this is awsome! Every one do stuffs together for the entire time. Hot girls, good party, good spots for surf and good skaters like Jack Fardell!
What was the most memorable thing about New Zealand?
The city of Wellington! Its so beatifull!!!

Have you learned any new tricks on the tour?
no, hahahaha I did down hill in a really deep road! First time, that was cool!!!

Who did u get along with the most?
I get my family with me. That incluied my dad, Felipe and Marcos (video Makers) they all like my family! But I love every one!!

Have you had any dramas in Bondi that you would be prepared to share with us?
No really, only the fact that Felipe Foguinho knocked his head and got fucked up!!  We had to go to the hospital! He lost his memory for wile! crazy!!

How have the fans treated you over here?
They cool, I dont have many!

What are your plans for 2013, where do you most want to visit next?
it will be put busy! Red Bull skate gerneration is coming up here in my place,  4 xgame stop, dew tour, bowl a rama, protec and some tours!!! One of the Bowl A Rama will be in La Kanteira Spain! Im put stoke about it!

What are your thoughts now that its all done and dusted?
Get back to RTMF (home) its the best plasure for me! Feels good to go and come back!

What is your favourite park in Australia and New Zealand so far?
I like that bowl in New Zealand, but its some new places there that I really loved in Auckland. I cant remember the name. In Australia I liked 5 dock!

Which of your teamーmates made it over to skate at Bowlarama?
Felipe Foguinho. He is not just my teamーmates, he is like my brother. This guy skate put hard. He came back from a surgery after 6 month without skate and he skated hard at Bondi!

What’s been your worst injury in the past few years? Nothing bad

最近、ひどい怪我とかあった? いや、別に何もなかったよ。

What advice do you have for young skaters wanting to improve?
Just do what I do, skates every day with your mates and have a lots of fun!


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