Bowlarama wrap up incl. Lizzie Armanto interview

18 Apr

ImageBowlarama is a series of bowl contests that started in Bondi, Sydney but has for the past few years also been
held in Wellington, NZ.
Skaters travel halfway around the world to compete in the event, which wrapped up on Sunday after heavy rain
made Saturday a washout.
The event is run by Vans shoes and now includes a contest in New York.
his year the event was won by Pedro Barros, 17 from Brazil for the fourth year in a row. He also won in New
York last year and was second at the recent Newcastle and Wellington events.
It has just been announced it will also be held in Algorta, Bilbao, Spain this year.
Forty skaters from various countries including Australia, US, Brazil, UK, NZ, Spain, Denmark etc. competed in
the Pro division at Bondi.
Another twenty took part in the Masters event which included such legends as Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi,
Mike McGill, Nicky Guerrero, Lester Kasai and Pat Ngoho.
The Blood and Guts exhibition held in Bondi and the
Manky Chops in Wellington showcased art produced by the skaters themselves.
Bondi locals absolutely ripping included Ben Key, James McInnes, Jimmy Beck, Adam Luxford
ローカルライダー ベン・キー、ジェイムス・マックインネス。ネーサン・ベック、アダム・ラックスフォード
Other Ausssies to take part: Renton Millar, Jackson Pilz, Jesse Noonan、Jack Fardell
Padless warriors: Brad Mc Clain, Kevin Kowalski, Mike Owens, Ben Hatchell, Charlie Blair, Bowman Hansen, Matt
Fenton, Alain Goikoetxea
パッドなし    ブラッドマックレーン、ケヴィンコワルスキ、マイク・オウエンズ、ベン・ハッチェル、チャーリブレー、ボウマンハンセン、マットフェントン、アランゴイコチア
NZ: Bowman Hansen
Interview :Lizzie Armanto
So do you wanna tell me how it went from being skating as like just something you do
to then being given the opportunities to be able to travel and actually maybe be paid
and that sort of stuff?
It all starts, in the beginning its like a snowball effect,
you just skate for fun and I used to like, skate for fun
and go to the skate park four or five days a week
and then Protec Pool Party was my first real contest
it was the last year that the womens division was like in the Pool Party.
After that I realized how much I liked the whole scene and stuff.
Were u into other sports when you were a kid were u into like gymnastics n stuff?
Not really like I was always athletically inclined, but never really stuck to anything,
I caught onto stuff quick, not surfing, not until after skating,
I was more into arts and craft I used to like drawing a lot and I still like it I just
don’t have the time, I think I have lost my patience a bit.
I know if I just had enough time to be in one place I could definitely get back to it,
I used to be into lots of art and craft stuff, I used to like beading and knitting
一箇所で過ごす時間が十分あれば、再びできると思うよ。 アート、手作りも大好きだった、ビーズ、編み物とか。。。
I am studying back home, working on getting my AA and working on getting my general education done
You mentioned to me you used to study a bit of Japanese how did u find that?
What do you mean? Yeah I really liked it I was always interested in the culture and whatnot,
I always admire people who are multilingual I think it’s a really cool skill to have.
Do you speak any other languages?
No not fluently or anything, Japanese is one of the languages I know most but not being able
to fully use it at all
It all changes when you go and spend a bit of time over there…
Who are your main sponsors?
I am from Santa Monica and ride for Santa Monica Airlines. Vans, Bones, Independent trucks, 187 pads
What other stuff besides skating do you cram into your ordinary day
I have been going down to San Diego, I have a car it doesn’t really work
I like getting Bobo tea, at Asian tea houses, its tapioca pearls,
I like getting that with my friends
I have a blog with my friends,
its basically my two best friends and a bunch of silly inside jokes,
we have done a couple of videos, we’ll get back to it eventually, but its still there.。
I end up meeting people thru mutual friends
Did you know any Australians before you came out?
Mick Mullhall and nice to see Poppy, she was out for the vans combi, she’s always happy and bright so its
always positive to be around her.
ミック・マルホール、ポピーオルセンに会えて嬉しかった。彼女はVANS COMBIに来ていたんで、いつも前向きで明るい子だから、ポピーといるのは楽観的。
Did u wanna make any other comments about the trip out here give any young girls advice about taking their
skateboarding to the next level?
Basically its just about having fun and for me,
Having fun and being competitive is a tricky balance.
How can I explain it, not taking it so serious.
When everything becomes serious its not fun anymore.
If it was not fun I would just quit
Don’t be intimidated its scary the first time
I definitely think they have credibility and I do have an appreciation for it,
maybe not as much as what I do but its all relative.
I really would like to do street skating but whenever I do I end up getting hurt
a lot and it stops me from doing transition skating.
I would like to be able to do it, but to keep up what I am doing.
You’re going to Five dock now, oh I really wanna go. What do you think?
That’s Peewee and Pat Dandy. Pat’s got the cover of Slam mag this month, our local Aussie magazine.
I don’t really pick up skate magazines, unless my friends gave it to me I don’t watch skate videos,
I can appreciate it when I am there but watching it on a computer is, its hard to relate to
cos you don’t know what goes into it, and I guess I think its weird, most of my friends like
don’t really care.
Its all going online and it doesn’t really make sense to buy a video when u can go on Youtube and
watch a skateboarding video
But it’s a huge media platform and if you work it the right way you can get tons out of it.
If you weren’t living at home in California where would you most like to live?
I ‘d like to live here but I am not a fair enough judge, I haven’t been here at its worst
so I don’t know how bad it gets.
Have u got pets? What do u miss from back home.
Oh my snake just died, what I miss most is like, sleep, after a couple of weeks it all gets tiring…
you miss the smell of your laundry at home, and living at home.
Seeing my friends, I miss my family but I think that’s a given…
What do youn think about other types of skating, like street?
You wreck yourself in street skating … there’s not many safe bails, you wreck yourself,
there’s not a really long lifespan for your body
But its all in how you fall and knowing how to pace yourself and what to go
If you were not skateboarding anymore maybe in five years….
A lot of things I am doing, If I find something else that makes me happy
and at the end of the day it was worth it.
Do you have any thoughts about the other sides of skateboarding, like longboarding or the pennys for example?
I think there is like an appreciation for all types of skateboarding cos each one has its own
challenges and difficulties and skills,
the skillset what it requires you do.
Personally I favour what I do cause I find enjoyment in it.
I definitely think there is credibility to the other sides, its very different,
I mean even wthin street skating and transition skateboarding and longboarding, some people don’t wanna consider longboarding as skateboarding,
I mean it is skateboarding but its like they’re almost like a different breed….
I think the important thing is making sure you have got a few other things going on
keeping you busy creative and inspired, in other parts of your life.
A lot of people do just go crazy Is there anything you
What would you like to do next, after this is all over?
I would love to get to go out to Sweden but it makes more sense to go to the Florida bowl
I wanna go out to spain for x games
Thanks for your time


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