Lizzie Armanto wins women’s skateboarding gold medal at X Games in Barcelona!!

20 May


Congratulations to Lizzie Armanto for winning  gold at the X Games in Barcelona on the weekend.  Alana Smith and Julz Lynn were second and third.  It has been a big year of firsts in women’s skateboarding and many of them have been claimed by these girls.  Lizzie is currently ranked no. 1 in the world, Alana Smith recently became the youngest female to land a 540 Mc Twist and Julz Lynn won bowlriders  in Florida and was second at the girls combi.

Here’s a sick new video interview of Lizzie just posted on Enjoy!!

In the men’s event it was Pedro Barros winning, Curren Caples and Brad Mc Clain making up the podium.



Postcard from Lizzie      May 8 2012

After making a huge impression at The Hurley Bowlriding Champs and both Wellington and Bondi Bowlarama, Lizzie has continued to dominate this year, competing in th Florida Bowlriders and more recently, at the Red Bull Skate Generation at Pedro’s RTMF bowl in Florianopolis, Brazil. She explains in this letter what she has been up to….

(Japanese translation follows)

Hey there!

Things have been terrific. Since I last saw you I’ve been to Hawaii, Florida, Brasil twice, and currently I’m up in the San Francisco.

After I got back from OZ, I went to Hawaii for the following weekend to shoot with Julian Bleeker. For his next little project. In Hawaii I stayed up at North Shore with some friends, it rained a bit while I was out there but we still managed to get some photos. After Hawaii I went home briefly and then left for the Florida Bowl Riders Contest. The time change killed me, on Hawaiian time when I was going to sleep, was the same time east coast was getting up. I ended up taking 2nd place both days, still disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to skate my best.

From Florida I went to Rio De Janeiro and hung out for a little less then a week. I met up with a friend and got to skate around the beaches. It didn’t get sunny til the end of my trip so I never really go to see the beach scene in full effect, with the thousands of umbrellas covering the sand. I checked out the Arpoador Bowl, which was so gnarly and on a point over looking two beaches.

One of the days I got to skate the new Madueira skatepark. I enjoyed the little kidney in the back. The flow bowl was pretty slick when I was there, but all and all it was well made. Later that evening I skated the Rio Sul Bowl, just by looking at it you can tell its been there for a while. There was a nice session going on, I probably had the most fun there.

I went home for two weeks, then it was back to Brasil for the Red Bull Skate Generations Contest in Florianopolis. Which is an island south of Rio De Janeiro about 14 hours by car. It’s tropical, there’s one main road, and the water is warm, kind of like North Shore. The bowl takes a bit of time to figure out, its challenging. Lucky for me, it happened to be redone recently, coping changed a foot added to the deep, smooth trannys. The contest was good, the first day I didn’t have to skate, so instead I went to the beach to try to surf. The following day I got to the event and I was up, first heat. I ended up taking 17th out of 35.

Made it home and tried to catch up on sleep, so I could feel normal again. Then the weekend came and I flew up to San Francisco for a Thrasher/Indy memorial barbecue.



ハワイの後は地元に少し寄ってから「Florida Bowl Riders Contest」へ向かったんだ。





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