Interview with Chad Ford at Bowlarama 2012

8 Jul

Interview with Chad Ford at Bowlarama 2012

Photo above of 80s legend Jeff Grosso, gravity defying backside method air


This is an article about Bondi Bowlarama 2012 from issue 65 of Transworld skateboarding Japan, words and pics by editor Shin Inoue. Wanted to translate some of it so hope u enjoy it. Like or comment and I will translate some more.

What makes Bowlarama great? A few words with organiser Chad Ford….

This year’s event (2012) is the 8th time we have held it. The comp has a masters class for skater legends over 40, and a pro event for the world’s top skaters.
Many of Australia’s top skaters of course also take part. First of all, this comp is possible because of the amazing bowl here on Bondi beach.
Everyone loves skating this bowl, which is enough reason for them all to come here. But its not just the skate comp, the bigger objective of Bowlarama is that all the skaters and others that are here for the week really enjoy their stay. So everyone gets a chance to get to know eachother and skate together, but there is alot more going on. Over the week there is also an art show, and the Australian Slam Skateboard Magazine awards, SDS Broken Bones demo and lots of other events.
There is $80,000 prizemoney to be given away this year and the way it will be shared this year is a bit different, paying to 20th place in both divisions. So even 20th place walks away with $1000.
The skaters really like the idea of this, where the spoils are shared more evenly among them, which is fairer to them all. This is a big reason they all keep coming back each year. The food and drinks for the skaters are free too. The pros really connect with the local skaters, this is what makes Bowlarama so good.


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