Outsider Skateboards Feb-Apr 2014

10 Apr

Bowl-a-rama madness
On a rainy arvo in Bondi the Beach Burrito is where its at. Pedro and Nathan (Samoa) getting wild.

This year Adam Luxford from Control skatebords set up his mini ramp inside one of the bars which was perfect as nobody except the pros got to skate the bowl on Friday or Saturday.

There was a super awesome vibe, Joel and Nick and Clayton from Melbourne smashing it up with the Italians, Guido, Bobby and Luca, Mashy, Vaughan, Lawrence, a list of sick skaters that could go on for days.


Cons was pretty keen on snapping boards and Nick Maughans was one that fell victim. I just managed to save Pedro’s as he filmed it all.

I was stoked Samoa and Pedro joined us there, somehow a giant bull skull also made its way into the pub. Nathan made the most of the photo opportunity.


Competition day
Got up early and managed to get into the Friends area behind the bowl, but spent alot more time running around taking photos, getting boards signed or out the back – Sky and Steven found inventive lines around fridges and couches in the park area, where an unhealthy number of Redbulls and nachos could be consumed.

Tony Hawk doing his thing.


Pedro Barros stylin’ it

Managed to spot Scarfy and Simo and Tom on thir way in and help them cut thru the queue a bit. Adam was shooting from the stands and ended up with great pics.

Spent alot of the big day shooting photos around the bowl, getin and also managed to interview Chris Russell, which I will post shortly.

Josh Rodriguez going big in the deep end.

Five Dock and Maroubra

The Monday after Bowlarama wound up, we were all busting to shred. I was super keen to catch up with Haydec and Scarf in Katoomba, run thru some photos from the past few days and check out their local park. As a bonus, it was also Adam’s Birthday.


First of all however, Pedro and I met up to skate at Five Dock. I had hoped that some of the pros might show for a sesh, but apart from a few of the older locals,it was pretty empty.


Five dock has an amazing snake run, an oververt taco and remnants of the old bowl it replaced including a scary 10ft section with a haggard concrete lip.


To be fair, there are few parks anywhere built on this scale in Australia and it is probably second only to Nimbin of the parks I’ve seen in NSW.
Pedro and I both took a few spills, one at the end of the session from the 9ft extension was particluarly brutal.

After Samoa finished work we swung by and pickee him up from 99 degrees and headed over to Maroubra for a twilight session.


Had been keen to hit Mac Fields but that can wait for a future visit. Not sure what’s happened to the bowl but there were rumours some people wanted it filled in.

Well a fence around it was offputting, but after hitting the rest of the park for awhile, under the fence we went, which was all kinds of fun. Nathan rules big tranny, so Maroubra was right up his alley. Hope like hell that bowl stays in the ground for a couple more generations to enjoy.

The Blue Mountains

Pedro was kind enough to offer me a lift up the mountains to Katoomba, where I met up with Adam Haydec and Adam Scarf, as well as Tom Mullard who designed the Outsider Pizza graphic.

One of the boys mates Steve was sporting a mean 3d tattoo on his hand.


Instead of going straight across to skate the park (at around midnight) we ended up sinking beers, playing darts and pool and heading back to one of their mate’s for a few more.


Unfortunately, one of the girls with us couldn’t handle whatever mix of booze, smoke and whatever she ate for dinner.

Never an oil painting to begin with, this bird soon became a handful, chundering repeatedly and unwilling to even get up and take it outside. After a good night out and a harrowing turn from good to shithouse, the two Adams and I did hit the park, somewhere round three am.


Needless to say it was fun to convert some of that pent up energy into a session, but we were far from our best.

Adam Haydec has a rad little cottage very close by, and perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that Scarf lives about 30m up the hill from there. 

We did all plan to skate next morning, but i think it was a great effort that Haydec and I managed to get down the hill to Glenbrook by lunchtime. 


Rosco joined up with us, as did Adam’s adorable little daughter.

After a decent session there, and a detour or two later, we eventually met up with Pedro again, who surprised me with a few decks and just got me to my plane.


Cheers for a rad trip and see you again soon.


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