MOSS Jam 2014 and Bowlriders Open Championships

6 Oct

On Saturday a very large crowd of skaters and supporters  gathered at MT Eliza skatepark for the third year running. The event is held every year to support the MOSS Foundation charity event and raise money for providing water to villages in Swaziland.

Seemed like there was a category for just about everything and i felt that arriving at the park at 11.30 was already about two hours too late. Whatever time was allocated to free skating was hard fought by all. Keen as mustard as some would say. Pretty sure there was a 70 year old skating the bowl!  RJ Barbaro and last years winner George Richards were on fire, as you would expect with head high stalefish airs, tricks on every wall and huge transfers over every hip. Jackson Bogaerts had gnarly feeble grind and Smith grind lines worked out, and took slam of the day. Jake Edwards, a recent arrival from the Gold Coast had some of the most unusual and technical tricks on show a including a Losi Grind (overcrooks or nose feeble) to sugarcane, back Smith to no comply, back lip revert on the taco etc.

St Kilda locals Lachie and Louis pointed down Smith and rad feeble grinds and both had some wild lines and crazy airs worked out. Backside kickflip indy to flat was bio Louis and so were those ally oop airs. Jed McKenzie stood out with stalefish disasters and front fifty to fakies, Zac Callahan impressed with big nosegrinds and young Bryce was solid with a variety of airs and lip tricks.

The doubles event was divided into two groups,  Jackson and John Bogaerts, Jed and Scott McKenzie, Luke Jones and Daniel Hallett, Luke Foster and Billy Abrahams, Max Owens… the Bar Beach bowlriders were out in force. Tas Pappas was up in Newy recently for his film prem and it was rad to see him in the bowl. Joel Darlinson nearly cleaned him up  first drop in though. Jordan wasnt as lucky and took a hard hit from ama head on not long after.

The doubles was a thrill to watch especially what Luke Foster and Billy Abrahams, Luke Jones and Daniel Hallett were pulling off. Zepp and Ava were really fun to watch, Mark and Isaac Godfrey getting some fast doubles lines in there as well. Max and Angus Owens, Jai and Kai, and Zac were proving age has nothing much to do with it. I reckon i only got about 5 runs outside of the two comps i went in, but Lizzy is not the easiest bowl to get used to when u skate it twice a year. Big shout out to the organisers, sponsors and volunteers, filmers and photographers who made it all the more memorable.

Ten years ago I became aware of the MOSS sessions which were held under lights throughout the year at various bowls and ramps around Melbourne, such as Coburg, Northcote, Frankston,  Ring of Fire etc.

Here is a thread on Charlie dont skate from a while back…

The first event i went to was at Northcote bowl about ten years ago, which was a huge success. At the time, Northcote was probably the best bowl in Melbourne and it is still heaps of fun so definitely check it out if u havent already.


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