All this mayhem skateboarding documentary

9 Oct

All this Mayhem
Tas and Ben Pappas story

Triple Crown of Skateboarding 1997
Henry Sanchez: There was definitely more partying than skateboarding going on and Tas became impossible to deal with. 
Guy: Hey you farken rule man.
Tas: I’m just the same as you guys, we all skate, we skate!
The Vegas contest we all went out to and there was Tas, getting so wasted and so belligerent he didn’t  even skate in the contest.
X-Y-Z!! XYZ rules! XYZ rules!
He went up on top of the platform and he had a box of XYZ stuff and he was throwin’ it out to the crowd, during a contest run. The main chick that was running the whole contest told him to stop, he called her a cunt, told her to fuck off. He got the crowd away from the contest.
He disrupted the whole event and at the time he was so drunk, i don’t think he even saw what he was really doing, he was so stoked on the energy he was creating. Everywhere Tas went was like a tornado.
Random guy:
XYZ Platinum, or I’ll f#*k your mom!!
XYZ プラティナムでなければ、お前のおかんとやるぜ!!
And Tommy was like why aren’t u skating? I think he was starting to confuse the issue with my partying and not skating as just not wanting to skate, and that was when the downfall started.


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