About me


Skateboarding, Japanese interpreting and translation, Live music, Street art and culture.

I am a Japanese interpreter/translator from Melbourne, Australia.

I can provide online or telephone interpreting services and  a fast turnaround for professional translations and business solutions for dealing with Japanese clients and creating and growing a customer base for your business  in Japan.

I studied at Tsukuba University for a Graduate Diploma in Japanese to further my qualifications.

Have worked in various fields such as Motor manufacturing, Immigration and other Government departments, hospitals, magistrates court and other business and community interpreting and translation services.

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Skateboarding has always been my favourite sport, ever since I first stepped on one and started taking skin off my palms, elbows and knees and smashing myself  apart in the school carpark as a 12 year old. The first skate park I visited was at Corio,  which has one of the gnarliest bowls you will find in Australia and it is just as challenging now as it ever was.

I take my skateboard wherever I travel, hoping that there is a nice new park around the corner from where I am staying at the time, or otherwise go out and search for pools, pipes and drains that might be fun to hit. Have made some of my best friends thru skating and its hard to explain the feelings you get from it to people who aren’t into it but suffice to say it isn’t for everyone but its everything to me. I expect to be skating forever. If not I would like to think that I will still be able todo it when most of my friends have kids that skate.


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