Outsider Skateboards

Pedro Marusic from Windsor, a hour out of Sydney runs Outsider skateboards and supports skaters locally, from Maroubra to the Blue Mtns and even down to Wollongong. We met at my friend’s house thru Nathan, when they came down for a quick skate trip, with Jade Ryan and Marianne. Hit four parks in three hours one morning  so i looked forward to catching up with them again during bowlarama week in Bondi.


Over four and a half days in Bondi a helluva lot happened, it could take hours to write it up properly. What matters is that these guys are awesome and it was a huge pleasure to spend time with them. Pedro drove us around the skate spots and up to Katoomba to catch up with the two Adams, Haydec and Scarf, also got me to my plane in the nick of time.

He skates, works on racecars and races them too. Down for supporting skating for the right reasons so I wanted to help him grow the brand down here in Melbourne. Its early days, but over the past month or so a few of us have been rockin the Outsider boards, wheels and bearings so here’s a quick look at a few of them…..

David Mcdonald

David hails from Perth and moved over recently to skate and to be with his lady in Brunswick. He rips rails, stairs, gaps and can lay it down heavy on any transition. Surprised the hell out of me on his first roll at Frankston. He also doesn’t mind going for a dip with his board at the North Melbourne drains.

Dave and Fabi, from Freiberg Germany, who skates for Globe and is the business whether doing technical flatground, big gaps or building mini ramps or amazing indoor skateparks.

The drains claimed another victim, but Dave didn’t seem too fazed. If u mess with the bull you get the horns. We’ll get you some more wood soon Dave!

This is just the kind of thing Tim was hoping Dave would do. Next level!

Ballistyx has moved across the road. We checked it out and gave it a big thumbs up. This ramp is seriously fun.

Shannon Boyd

Shannon lives in Frankston and is a full on tranny dog. Loves the bowl and will take the slams to learn the gnarly tricks. Only started skating bowls recently but was previously sponsored for surfing back in Byron Bay. Look forward to seeing him shred the local this Sunday at the Victorian bowlriders.

Shannon wielding the broadsword on an unsuspecting mini ramp in Coburg. Cheers Mikey for filming out there. Yeah, he rode his Outsider board there too. Got a mean haircut as well. See below!!

Obligatory board flash, clean and new. But not for looong!! You should see it now!!!

That’s vodka in the bottle, Shannon in the fridge cooling off.

Frontside footplants in Coburg, spreading the gnar.


Lovin’ the new wood hey fellas. Thanks for hookin’ us all up Pedro Marusic! Legend!!


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